Webinar | GDPR - Key Considerations on the Path to Compliance

Continuous Monitoring

A Single Platform to Operationalize Compliance

Quickly gain real-time posture and insights across all IT resources and security controls to clear compliance and pass audits with minimal effort, regardless of mandate or regulatory framework.

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Splunk and the CIS Critical Controls

Why Splunk for Compliance?

Splunk makes demonstrating compliance in regard to technical controls a frictionless process. The platform makes it easier for organizations to protect the data of European citizens. It enables organizations to prove the necessary security controls are in place and it also provides breach detection and incident response to comply with the breach notification requirements become essential to ensure your organization does not get fined or become liable for damage.

All organizations that handle financial transactions must be on top of their PCI compliance. Continuous monitoring of all relevant PCI DSS requirements, efficient workflows for audit trails and incident reviews, reports to measure the overall effectiveness and status of PCI technical controls will all be necessary.

Health organizations need to find patterns in large amounts of data collected from a wide variety of systems. It must be correlated and understood with the added context of time and place to provide answers to both the most common and pressing healthcare questions and requirements. This all must be done while keeping sensitive patient secure amid a rapidly changing environment. But the process doesn't need to be brain surgery.

Financial Services

Prove compliance from the USA PATRIOT Act to OCC regulations.
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Go beyond just HIPAA compliance
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Public Sector

Automate compliance monitoring to ease audits, enable self-reporting and ensure a passing scorecard
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