Application Monitoring

Better Application Troubleshooting and Full-Stack Monitoring

Nothing improves the customer experience like good application performance. With Splunk application monitoring solutions, you can monitor and measure the key areas that impact customer experience (CX).

Boost user experience and app innovation with Splunk Insights for Containers (BETA)

Splunk® IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Application Performance Insights

Splunk ITSI provides a view of the high-level health and performance of applications and services. It also lets you dive deeper in investigations to helps predict outages and find the root cause of a problem faster. With machine learning capabilities, you can detect patterns to help baseline and automatically adapt behaviors for better monitoring and incident prediction.

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Financial Services

Your IT environment is complex and your customers are demanding. Give them what they want.
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Your IT systems enable the HIE platform. Analyze them to see what’s going on.
Boost IT Health

Public Sector

Your citizens and government employees expect better services.
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Application Monitoring Integrations

Splunk solutions do more than monitor and correlate data across your applications and infrastructure, they leverage your existing APM tools as well. Learn more about APM tool integrations on Splunkbase.