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Cloud Monitoring

Weather the storm of change. Get visibility into cloud provider infrastructure to workloads and everything in between.

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Transform your IT Monitoring Strategy in 4 Steps

If you've got workloads running in the cloud, we've got the analytics solution for you

Why Splunk for Cloud Monitoring?

Migration has many stages. Our software can give you visibility into all of them—whether before, during or long after.

Hybrid infrastructure creates a complex monitoring environment. Legacy tools can't keep up but Splunk can.

You often add new tools as you adopt new architecture and infrastructure—wasting time in the transition. Splunk takes the place of the multitude of monitoring tools. Less is more.

You can do amazing things when you see clearly
Cost Management

Reduce Costs With Clarity

Get visibility into your cloud provider costs and continue to leverage on-premises resources until you are ready to decommission them. Use machine learning to forecast demand and provision instances up front at a reduced rate.

                 See How Autodesk Does It                  Splunk Docs for AWS Billing Data
Operational Visibility

Look In, On and Through the Cloud

Get a baseline from your on-premises resources to better determine and forecast how many instances you need in your cloud environment. Determine if migration was completed successfully and help ensure the state after the fact—through monitoring the performance, usage and availability of instances.

                 TrueCar Cloud Success                  Splunk Docs for AWS CloudTrail
Security Visibility

Enhance Security Through Visibility into AWS Account Activity

Visualize and interact with your AWS topology to conduct security compliance checks, troubleshoot issues more rapidly, and manage costs and resources.

                 PagerDuty Stays Secure                  Configuring AWS Permissions
See Through The Clouds

Splunk integrates with the most popular cloud providers. Whether you’re running workloads in AWS, Azure, or GCP (or all three)- Splunk has you covered to keep you on the right path in your cloud journey.

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