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Application Lifecycle Analytics

Improve all aspects of development and operations. Application lifecycle analytics give you a platform approach that bridges team silos and provides insight into each phase.

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Get insight into every phase of your application development lifecycle

Why Splunk for App Lifecycle Analytics?

From requirements definition to build, test, stage and deploy, DevOps teams can understand where app delivery bottlenecks are, remediate them, iterate and innovate faster.

Splunk® solutions give Dev and QA teams the ability to understand the quality of individual code segments in static analysis and the performance of full code builds in QA and pre-prod. Splunk's solution can correlate results from multiple testing tools. This deep visibility allows your Dev and QA teams to pinpoint issues before they reach production (and impact customers), helping improve code quality. These correlated insights also enable your teams to move from manual, error-prone testing to programmatic and automated testing.

Splunk provides real-time visibility into business-relevant data such as application usage, revenue systems, cart fulfillment and registration data. With this visibility, your business and DevOps leaders will have insights they can use to better plan inventory, report and improve the customer experience. Splunk also enables a feedback loop that was previously unattainable. This continuous loop will help your business leaders evaluate the real impact of code changes on their customers.

You can't fix what you can't see

Connect the Data Across All Your Tools

Splunk software allows correlation across data sources within the development tool chain (application delivery lifecycle) and provides a single source of truth for code and infrastructure troubleshooting that enables teams to triage and fix applications across dev, test, and prod.

Real-time stats

Understand Code Quality Metrics

Developers who use semantic logging in their app development enable DevOps practitioners to use Splunk to gather and report real-time stats on code quality, compliance and throughput. Splunk also lets you better understand where specific features are in the code cycle, who has responsibility for moving them forward, who is holding them back, and why.

Catch Issues Sooner

Proactive alerting lets you identify code issues early and raise the visibility of test and QA metrics (including bugs found and audits failed).

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Splunk Apps for Lifecycle Analytics

Integrate leading solutions with your Splunk deployment. Download these free apps and add-ons for ultimate visibility across the entire application lifecycle process.

Financial Services

Increase the cadence and quality of app releases while also addressing governance and risk.
Bank on Machine Data


Increase the cadence and quality of app releases while also addressing compliance strategies.
Boost IT Health

Public Sector

Increase the cadence and quality of app releases while also delivering on-time and budget.
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