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Application Release Analytics

Don't sacrifice quality for speed. In today’s fast-paced world you need to release applications quickly, more often and with no issues. With application release analytics, you can use a platform approach that bridges team silos, provides insight into each step of the release process and promotes efficient releases of applications into production.

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Get insights in your application releases

Why Splunk for App Release Analytics?

You are being asked to innovate faster. Longer release cycles are the enemy of speedy innovation as they translate into fewer new releases over time. Splunk ingests data from leading app release tools to show if release velocity is increasing or decreasing. In addition, Splunk's release analytics measure the time for each step of the release process and show which steps are taking more time.

Issues and problems in the release process will slow down app releases. Different tools surface different issues and Splunk brings all of the data together into a single source of truth with visualizations and analytics to show release quality metrics now and over time.

Faster app releases with consistent high quality enable an increased app release cadence. Splunk software shows if the frequency of releases is steady, decreasing or trending up—resulting in more frequent releases of new features to your customers.

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Release Analytics

Analyze Your Puppet Environment

Ingest and analyze data from your Puppet environments, monitor the health of resources under management, correlate that data across your entire tech stack, as well as visualize your Puppet data using out-of-the-box dashboards for easy troubleshooting and monitoring.

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Automation Tracking

Track Your Chef Recipes

With the Chef app and Splunk® Enterprise or Splunk Cloud™, you can connect to your Chef infrastructure to gather data and analyze your Chef server and node activity—in real-time and over time. Track user and organization activity, as well as cookbook and data bag updates.

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App Release Analytics

Splunk integrates with industry-leading application release tools to get data and to drive automation in these tools.

Financial Services

Increase the cadence and quality of app releases while also addressing governance and risk.
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Increase the cadence and quality of app releases while also addressing compliance strategies.
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Public Sector

Increase the cadence and quality of app releases while also delivering on-time and budget.
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