Infrastructure Monitoring

Don't Let Downtime Get You Down

When IT systems fail, it can cost your organization more than just money. It can cost you customers, your reputation and even your job. Fight downtime by monitoring and measuring uptime, performance, and response time of mission-critical applications and the infrastructure that they run on.

Transform your IT Monitoring Strategy in 4 Steps

Infrastructure Analytics
One Product. Total Visibility.

Now you can have a comprehensive view of your infrastructure to make it easier to investigate why systems go down. Whether your infrastructure is physical, virtual or in the cloud—Splunk® software integrates with many technology providers of choice for end-to-end visibility.

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Financial Services

Your IT environment is complex and your customers are demanding. Give them what they want.
Bank on Machine Data


Your IT systems enable the HIE platform. Analyze them to see what’s going on.
Boost IT Health

Public Sector

Your citizens and government employees expect better services.
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Monitor All of Your Technology Infrastructure Data in One Place—Any Source, Any Format

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