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Server Monitoring

Downtime can be costly. Get to the source of the problem before your servers fail. Splunk software provides deep visibility into your server activity and the security of your server elements, whether in traditional datacenters or distributed cloud infrastructures.

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Webinar - Intro to Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

Let Splunk do the monitoring. Because nobody likes a slow server

Why Splunk for Server Monitoring?

Use Splunk for server monitoring to spot trends in performance before they become serious problems that directly cause downtime.

Legacy tools are often a motley crew that operate in silos. Splunk® software goes beyond silos and gives you a way to quickly transition from monitoring to troubleshooting without "context switching."

Too often IT teams are busy dealing with tools rather than working on more strategic projects. No longer. Splunk frees you from managing a random assortment of monitoring tools so you can spend your time doing the more impactful work you love.

Enjoy seamless monitoring and troubleshooting
A Unified Experience

Metrics and Logs in One Place

Metrics, like CPU usage, are great for monitoring. Logs are great for troubleshooting. Combining the two lets you determine trends and current statuses, and immediately conduct an investigation to assess the root cause of a problem.

Spot Trends in Seconds

Spot trends in seconds

Make root-cause analysis faster using lightning-fast dashboards and alerts to identify trends and perform investigations.

Rapid Time to Insight that Scales
Start Seeing Results in Minutes

Deploy agents quickly and start seeing results in minutes with Splunk Insights for Infrastructure. Then, when you're ready to expand, you can grow into Splunk® Enterprise for additional use cases spanning teams or managing large environments. Or take it from infrastructure to service monitoring with Splunk IT Service Intelligence.

                 Try Splunk Insights for Infrastructure                  Splunk Docs on Monitoring System Health
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Splunk apps for server monitoring provide deep visibility into faults, events, capacity, configurations and the security of your server environments. Splunkbase has 1000+ apps and add-ons from Splunk, our partners and our community. Find an app or add-on for most data sources and user needs.

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