Splunk® Insights for Infrastructure

The quick-to-deploy solution for finding and fixing server environment problems. One product, free up to 200GB of storage (about 50 servers). No muss, no fuss.

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Beginner’s Guide to Observability

Low-maintenance, seamless monitoring and troubleshooting

Install to Insight in Minutes

Install hosts and get metrics and logs from hosts in minutes

Metrics + Logs

Correlated metrics and logs provide better monitoring and faster troubleshooting

Automated Investigations

Purpose-built visualizations that clearly show alerts, trends and logs

2,000+ IT pros weigh in on IT complexity

Product Capabilities
Easily find the source of infrastructure issues

Rapid Deployment

Ready to go? Install Splunk Insights for Infrastructure in minutes. Configure metrics and log collection with just a few clicks. And group infrastructure your way, making monitoring easier.

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Correlated Metrics and Logs

It's not enough to know what happened, you need to know why. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure analyzes metrics and logs in one unified experience so you can both monitor and troubleshoot effectively. You can examine trends, status and events in one view to quickly find the why.

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Intelligent Investigations

Visually explore performance metrics while adding context from logs. Find out what led to infrastructure performance problems. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is built to be easy-to-use, yet able to spot performance issues and root cause.

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Expand to Splunk Enterprise

Start with Splunk Insights for Infrastructure. Upgrade to Splunk Enterprise as your use cases and enterprise requirements grow.

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Financial Services

Your IT environment is complex and your customers demanding—give them what they want
Bank on Machine Data

Public Sector

Your citizens and government employees expect better services
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Your IT systems enable the HIE platform. Analyze them to see what’s going on
Boost IT Health


Get Started With Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

Leverage Splunk's free full-featured tier solution in smaller environments. Enjoy a free storage tier that can provide monitoring for approximately 50 servers (up to 200GB). Unlike per-host pricing, you can adjust the number of hosts and retention time simply by adjusting how you collect monitoring data. For prices on larger data storage licenses, contact sales.