How Much Can You Save With Splunk?

Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Machine Data

The financial services industry is in a state of flux with multiple technologies, competitive, regulatory and demographic factors impacting the way firms conduct business and achieve results. Connected by a sophisticated network of electronic systems, retail banks, investment banks and insurance companies generate terabytes of machine data every day for high-volume activities like trading, payment or claims processing and multi-channel banking.

Splunk turns this machine data into Operational Intelligence to help financial services companies compete and win in the face of unprecedented business and technology transformation and:

  • Reduce the threat of increasing cybersecurity and fraud risks
  • Achieve IT operational efficiency as you modernize core banking, trading and insurance systems
  • Bring order to unstructured data to achieve regulatory compliance and avoid penalties
  • Utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to gain deep customer insights across all channels
  • Monitor complex, multi-step financial processes (e.g., payments; electronic trading) to meet customer commitments and obtain end-to-end visibility
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Why Splunk for Financial Services?

Splunk provides the leading platform for Operational Intelligence to address challenges in the financial services industry across IT operations, security, advanced analytics and business process monitoring.

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Reduce Cybersecurity Threats

Mitigate the risk of cyberthreats and fraud by monitoring and correlating multiple systems and applying advanced analytics to detect potential security breach attempts and protect financial privacy.
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Enable Legacy Systems Modernization

Use Splunk software to ensure that new IT systems are working together seamlessly, that straight-through processing is optimized and potential bottlenecks are removed.
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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Meet specific regulatory and risk management compliance requirements by using Splunk software to create reports so audit questions can be quickly answered.
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Gain Omni-Channel Customer Insight

Use advanced analytics to gain customer insights and create innovative digital services, provide a seamless omni-channel experience and drive customer loyalty through competitive differentiation.
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Monitor Complex Financial Business Processes

Gain complete visibility of customer commitments across complex, multi-step business processes. Be better prepared to move to real-time processes in areas such as payments, financial messaging and blockchain technology.

It’s Time to Comply: MiFID II

The Splunk platform provides real-time visibility across your trades and infrastructure to help comply with MiFID, such as RTS 6, RTS 7 and RTS 25. Report on clock drift across your trading infrastructure and correlate with trades messages. Have visibility into the performance of your IT infrastructure tiers as you run tests. Accelerate your time to troubleshoot to increase your resiliency. Report and visualize your trade flows in real time and more.

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There are many free apps and add-ons developed by Splunk and the Splunk developer community that simplify the connection and collection of data for financial services.

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FIX Log Parsing

A series of field extractions that can be applied to the FIX log format.
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PCI Compliance

Designed to help organizations meet PCI DSS 3.2 requirements.
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Bitcoin Observer

The block chain serves as the public general ledger for all Bitcoin transactions.
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Essentials for the Financial Services Industry

Essentials for the Financial Services Industry

App designed to help users develop multiple financial services use cases.
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