Transform Machine Data Into Insights

Creating a seamless customer experience begins by having the right technology to connect all of your sales channels. At the same time, protecting sensitive customer data has never been more important. Splunk® software enables retailers to transform the massive volumes of machine data into business insights that capture more revenue, improve the customer experience and mitigate security risks.

Splunk helps you:

  • Gain operational visibility across systems and applications spanning all sales channels
  • Track orders, inventory and other processes from end to end
  • Gain real-time insights into cross-channel customer behavior
  • Maintain uptime performance for store, web and mobile
  • Protect customer data and prevent security breaches
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Splunk Enterprise
Customer Success Story

Splunk at John Lewis

Splunk Drives Online Revenue Growth at John Lewis

John Lewis is using Splunk® Enterprise to gain improved operational intelligence and support rapid growth for its online website, John Lewis can now quickly identify and resolve potentially costly issues and ensure that its website is delivering the best possible customer experience.

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Aggregate. Analyze. Deliver.

Gain Multi-Channel Visibility

Splunk software provides new visibility across sales channels so retailers can streamline operations and improve productivity.
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Improve Security Posture

Having all of the data in Splunk software helps you identify anomalous behavior and prevent fraud and security issues.
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Demonstrate PCI Compliance

Protect customer data and streamline data collection, monitoring and alerting to demonstrate PCI compliance.
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Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Create customer activity tracking dashboards to help identify and resolve website error trends before they become widespread problems.
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Improve Uptime Performance

Splunk can help you rapidly identify and resolve performance issues before they impact customer experience.
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