Insights Beyond Structured Data

The world of business analytics is changing. Data architects, analysts, marketers and product managers are tapping into new data sources like machine data and combining them with structured data to provide valuable business insights in real time.

Splunk provides new business insights:

  • Leverage a new class of data for business analytics
  • Enrich machine data with structured data for business context
  • Gain real-time business insights
  • Complement existing BI tools and other big data technologies
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Customer Success Story

The Future of Sports

San Francisco 49ers Fans Score Instant Service

VenueNext helps fans order food, watch instant-replays, purchase tickets and find parking in real time with the new Levi’s Stadium smartphone app powered by Splunk.

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Why Splunk for Business Analytics?

Splunk software complements existing BI technologies and traditional web analytics tools by combining machine data with structured data to deliver real-time insights into your business.

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Business Process Analytics

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into business processes such as new service activation, trade settlement, and claims processing.
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Product Analytics

Understand feature adoption, usage patterns and the effectiveness of changes to online sites or mobile apps in real time.
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Customer Experience Analytics

Digital, customer and web analytics teams can analyze user behavior to improve customer experience and drive monetization.
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Digital Marketing Analytics

Gain actionable insights into marketing campaigns, user engagement and conversions across online and mobile channels.
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Splunk ODBC Driver

Delivers industry-standard connectivity between Splunk and visualization tools like MS Excel and Tableau.

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Splunk MINT

Get visibility into data from
mobile devices.

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