Real-Time Enterprise Log Management to Search, Diagnose and Report

Log data is a definitive record of what's happening in every business, organization or agency and it’s often an untapped resource when it comes to troubleshooting and supporting broader business objectives.

Splunk® provides the industry-leading software to consolidate and index any log and machine data, including structured, unstructured and complex multi-line application logs. You can collect, store, index, search, correlate, visualize, analyze and report on any machine-generated data to identify and resolve operational and security issues in a faster, repeatable and more affordable way. It's an enterprise ready, fully integrated solution for log management data collection, storage and visualization.

Ad hoc queries and reporting across historical data can also be accomplished without third-party reporting software. Splunk software supports log data enrichment by providing flexible access to relational databases, field delimited data in comma-separated value (.CSV) files or to other enterprise data stores such as Hadoop or NoSQL. Splunk software supports a wide range of log management use cases including log consolidation and retention, security, IT operations troubleshooting, application troubleshooting and compliance reporting.

  • Index, search and correlate any data for complete insight across your infrastructure
  • Drill down and up and pivot across data to quickly find the needle in the haystack
  • Turn searches into real-time alerts, reports or dashboards with a few mouse clicks
  • Securely make operational data available without requiring access to production systems
  • Scale from a single server to global datacenters
  • Deploy and search across on-premise, hybrid-cloud and private/public-cloud based installations
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Why Splunk for Log Management?

Splunk software enables IT and security teams to get more out of existing security tools, by aggregating event data from across the environment into a single repository of critical security insights.

threats fast

Discover Threats Fast

Quickly assess and validate security posture based on unusual activity and patterns
know to respond

Know How to Respond

Efficiently analyze overall risk and pinpoint priority issues requiring investigation
fix faster

Find and Fix Problems Faster

Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) with rapid, data-driven troubleshooting
end to end visibility

End-to-End Visibility

Look across the infrastructure stack to see problems that aren’t visible due to system siloes

All Data Is Now Security Relevant

Organizations are often missing the data needed to have a real-time status of their full security posture. But the evidence of an attack, as well as its activities, already exists in your organization’s machine data. For security teams to properly investigate security incidents and identify threats, data needs to be accessible and not live in silos. Splunk enables security analysts to take a proactive stance to investigation and response – from monitoring and triage, to verifying and escalating, to responding to a breach or infection.

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