We offer a basic level of assistance to Splunk community members, for customers with an Enterprise License we provide Enterprise or Global Support. Splunk Enterprise and Global Support offers targeted response times, telephone contact, access to support portals and software upgrades.

For customers with a Splunk Light License, we provide Standard Support. Standard Support offers targeted response times, access to support portals and software upgrades.

A current Splunk Enterprise or Global Support contract is required in order to upgrade a Splunk server with an Enterprise license to a new major version of Splunk.

A current Splunk Light Support contract is required in order to upgrade a Splunk Light server with a current license to a new major version of Splunk Light. 

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Case Priority Levels

Splunk offers different response times and case handling based on case priority levels.

  • P1 = A production installation of purchased Splunk software is completely inaccessible or the majority of its functionality is unusable. For P1 cases, please call us on one of our global support numbers found here - Contact Support
  • P2 = One or more important features of purchased Splunk software has become unusable.
  • P3 = Any other case where a feature of purchased Splunk software is not operating as documented.
  • P4 = All enhancement requests and general questions.

Support Service Offerings

  Community Standard Enterprise Global
Access to Splunk Documentation



Access to Splunk Answers



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Online Case Submission  
First 45 Days*


Online Case Status  


Response Time Targets  
2 Business Days


Phone Support        
Assigned Primary Support Contact      
Quarterly Account Status Review      

*Downloaded software only. Cloud service support is for the full term.

Splunk Standard Support means in the first forty-five (45) days from the initial delivery of the purchased Splunk software, Splunk will provide an initial response and acknowledgement for P3 issues only within 2 business days and will provide software updates, when available. 

Splunk Global Support provides a primary contact to set up meetings, as frequently as weekly, to monitor Customer’s support issues; to provide additional status reports and metrics; and to coordinate and execute a quarterly account status review at a mutually agreeable time.  

For Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Global Supports, Splunk will respond to support requests and will provide workarounds or fixes in accordance with the guidelines set forth below: 

Enterprise and Global Service Agreements

  Response Time Status Update Fix or Workaround
P1 4 Hours Daily 1 Business Day
P2 Next Business Day Weekly 1 Week
P3 2 Business Days   Next Release
P4 2 Business Days   At Splunk's discretion

While we offer specific timeframes within our support service level guarantees, we will make every effort to respond more quickly when resources are available. For P1 cases, please call us on one of our global support numbers found here - Contact Support

For a complete description of our Support offering please consult our Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions. Splunk’s Software Support Policy is located here.

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